A. Emelianenko: I suggest Fedun and Medvedev continue the confrontation in the ring after the match

In an exclusive interview with VseProSport, the MMA fighter appreciated the three-stroke performance of the Spartak and Zenit leaders, gave Dziuba the idea of ​​a fight with Dzhikia and told him why he didn’t like Russian football.

Already tonight we are waiting for one of the most important confrontations in Russian football. In the semifinals of the Russian Cup, Zenit and Spartak drew lots. The St. Petersburg club won the national championship ahead of schedule with a huge lead over its competitors. The Red and White are going through another crisis: before the last round, the team is in ninth place in the championship standings.

But the matches between Zenit and Spartak are always full of emotions and unpredictable. To make the match more predictable, use the tips from the article https://parimatch.co.tz/blog/sw/, that was published on the Parimatch blog. Officials are also adding fuel to the fire. The general director of Zenit, Alexander Medvedev, suggested that what was arranged in the champion’s locker room by Dzyuba and Azmun was a hint of what would happen to Spartak. The owner of the Moscow club, Leonid Fedun, said that the red and white would be champions if they were judged like St. Petersburg.

In general, the press started a real trash before the grand battle. VseProSport correspondent Daniil Borozdin talked about the upcoming match with the famous mixed martial arts fighter Alexander Emelianenko. MMA lovers know that he is good not only in fights, but also in sharp statements. Alexander did not disappoint this time, giving Medvedev and Fedun valuable advice.

What are your expectations from the Zenit – Spartak match?

These are two very interesting and strong teams. When I lived in St. Petersburg, I was friends with many Zenit players. And after moving to Moscow, I attended the Spartak match. True, I don’t remember who he played with. Both clubs are titled, so the meeting will be exciting.

I find it difficult to name the winner in advance. I will root for beautiful football and a large number of goals. In general, I support the Russian national team. But I like going to football games, not watching them on TV. For a very, very long time I have not watched the “box”. There is no particular desire to “stick”.

Did you go to football in Stary Oskol?

No. First, there was no time. Secondly, I am not particularly attracted to football outside the major leagues. There are other speeds and combinations. And after an entertaining and professional level, going to watch yard football is not very interesting.

The leaders of both clubs – Medvedev and Fedun – let go of taunts at their opponents. How do you like them?

I suggest that they do not arrange controversy, and after the match continue the confrontation in the ring. Or, in order to capture the viewer’s attention even more, let them put forward one player from the team. A good sight when players not only run, but also support martial arts, showing that they are men in every way.

Dziuba’s fight with Jikia, for example, would be interesting. You need to incite them to do this. Some light sparring in a professional boxing show. We even had a program when the artists fought. Even if people who are completely far from sports rebuild and interest the viewer, athletes will certainly be able to.

By the way, Dziuba is just posting pictures in boxing gloves and says that he is engaged in martial arts.

Well, Dziuba will be from Zenit. Let him throw a challenge, enter the ring according to the rules of boxing and sort things out. And with us it is usually different. I really do not like in Russian football that the player has not yet been touched, but he does a triple somersault in the air, falls and grabs his leg.

Then he lies, writhes, and he looks around, how they reacted to his trick. If there is no reaction, he gets up and runs on. Let them show that this is not only a play on the field, that they can fight.

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