“Bag of potatoes” in Barcelona, ​​”golfer” in Madrid – what is the state of the Spanish grandees before the finish of the championship?


At least 29 June matches in Spain, exhausted during the pandemic, will be held in front of empty stands. The government is considering an option in which in July spectators will be allowed to enter the stadiums up to 30% of the capacity of the arenas.

Football players are planned to be protected using modern technologies. So, if one of the players passes a positive test for coronavirus, and everyone will be checked permanently, a special Mediacoach program will reveal which of the partners, opponents, officials and club personnel the player contacted during the last meeting.

The championship will end on July 19. To fit the remaining 11 rounds into such a short calendar span, games will most likely have to be played daily. In any case, the picture for the next four rounds is exactly like this – football non-stop.

From May 20 to September 15 in Spain, it is forbidden to play matches in the daytime – strictly after 19.30. The reason is simple – the heat. Nevertheless, in the 28th and 30th rounds, which fall on the weekend, there are still day slots – at 14.00 and 17.00 local time. This is done for the audience in Asia, which La Liga plans to conquer. At two o’clock in the afternoon, for example, Espanyol, owned by the Chinese, will play with a striker named Wu Lei in the squad.

The Spaniards, unlike the Belarusians, will not be shown matches on public channels – only on Pay TV. The owner of the package of rights, Mediapro has made an exception for nursing homes – games will be broadcasted there for free.


Some might have already forgotten, but Real Madrid started a global restructuring before the coronavirus pause. The main transfer of last summer for Madrid was the signing of Eden Hazard, but the 100 millionth Belgian was dragged into oblivion by injury. Not having time to recover from one damage, the creative grabbed the second – and goodbye. At Real Madrid, Eden has already missed more meetings than in his seven years at Chelsea. Now Azar is healthy and, in fact, he is waiting for a second debut in a creamy T-shirt.

Methyl and Asensio were the leaders, who was also in for a shock. During the downtime, Marco had to heal the torn cruciate ligaments. Gareth Bale also recovered. Wherever the journalists have sent the obstinate Welshman, he still wants to be of use to Madrid. Photo reporters Bale recently “trolled” into the pose of a golfer in team training.

Ранее Бейл говорил, что готов до конца контракта в
Earlier, Bale said that he was ready to play golf until the end of his contract at Real Madrid if the coaching staff does not see him in the squad

In total, right now Zinedine Zidane cannot count only on the Serb Luka Jovic. To bring the team to the super-intense finish, Zidane brought in fitness coach Gregory Dupont, who had worked with France during the 2018 World Cup. He, like his colleagues in Barcelona, ​​will have to maintain a difficult balance – the trained players need to get in shape as soon as possible and not settle in the infirmary.

EuroBet : On June 14, Real Madrid will win Eibar at home – 1.22, the match will end in a draw – 6.70, Eibar will win – 13.00.

Eden Hazard will score – 2.20.

Gareth Bale will score – 2.05, Bale will score two or more goals – 5.50.

At the “Santiago Bernabeu” “Real” will not appear until the end of the kurgoz season: the enterprising Florentino Perez decided to take advantage of the situation and launched the reconstruction of the arena. The work should take about three years, but the boss is doing everything to get it done faster. So far, there are no spectators in any case – and Madrid are moving to the six thousandth stadium named after Alfredo di Stefano. Even if the government gives the fans the green light in other cities, “Real” will temporarily continue to play in front of empty stands. This has already been officially announced.


The Catalans are also looking forward to a stellar return – forward Luis Suarez, who had knee surgery in January, is torn to the field. True, the head coach of “Barça” Kike Setien in every possible way stresses: he does not intend to force events – the price is too high. The fact is that the times at the club are not the best: for the three coronavirus months, the main news from Barcelona were reports of financial showdowns. At the end of March, the blue garnet asked the Spanish government for permission to use ERTE, a special mechanism that allows companies to suspend contracts and reduce working hours. The news hit the staff of the club, no less than one and a half thousand. Journalists immediately started pouring insights that Catalan star players did not want to go for a pay cut.

A few days later, there was a reaction from Lionel Messi himself. The diplomatic language did not hide the leader’s anger well:

We have always wanted to reduce the salary we receive, as we realize that the current situation is out of scope.

Football players should be the first to we will come to the aid of the club. Many times we did it on our own initiative, in other cases we understood that it was important and necessary.

We are surprised that there were those who tried to increase pressure on us and push us towards what we ourselves know. The agreement was postponed for several days, as we were looking for a suitable opportunity to help the club and employees.

In addition to reducing salaries by 70% during the crisis, we will also help club employees receive 100% of their salaries, – wrote Messi on Instagram.

It is clear that, first of all, the football celestial was referring to President Josep Bartomeu. A couple of days ago, a functionary, according to rumors, personally came to the Barcelona base and tried to persuade the players to agree to an even greater salary cut, but, to put it mildly, was refused.

According to Marca, due to the pandemic, Barca has already lost 150 million euros, by the end of June it is necessary to somehow close the hole in the budget of 70 million. In crisis conditions, everyone who could be sold more or less painlessly has already been sold. The turn of the “big fish” approaches, and the first to be married are Ivan Rakitich and Arturo Vidal.

I understand the situation, but I am not a bag of potatoes with which you can do anything. You can always talk to me, but the most important thing: I want to be in a place where I am loved, respected and needed, and where I and my family feel good. If this is here – I am delighted, if not, I will decide for myself where I will continue my career, – quotes Rakitic, outraged by talk about the sale, Mundo Deportivo.

It is also not clear what to do with the “crystal” Ousmane Dembele, for whom in 2017 they gave a fabulous 125 million euros! A young player with a fat hospital card and a salary of 12 million euros a year will be happy to pay for 40 million. According to sport.es, about how much PSG is ready to pay. The publication Mundo Deportivo, in turn, recently wrote that Neymar again expressed his desire to return to Barcelona. All in all, the clubs have a lot to discuss.

Will Setien’s team be able to deliver a golden finish amid scandals undermining the collective spirit and staff shortages? Aren’t young Ricky Puig and Ansu Fati going to fold, who are likely to be used in time trouble? One thing is clear: the championship race in La Liga this summer is super intriguing.

EuroBet : On June 13, Mallorca will win Barcelona at home – 11.00, the match will end in a draw – 6.40, Barcelona will win victory – 1.24.

Lionel Messi will score – 1.40, Messi will score two or more goals – 2.50, Messi will score three or more goals – 6.00.

Luis Suarez scores 1.70, Suarez scores two or more goals 3.20.

After 27 rounds, leading Barcelona are two points ahead of Real in the Spanish league table. The results of the Catalans: + 18 = 4-5, the difference between goals scored and conceded is 63:31. Statistics “creamy”: + 16 = 8-3, 49:19.

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