Expensive doesn’t mean useful? We compare the transfer cost and statistics of the players of the Belarusian championship

According to Transfermarkt, the three most expensive major league footballers are Ukrainian Alexander Noyok , Belarusians Stanislav Dragun and Mikhail Gordeychuk . The transfer of everyone can pull 1.2 million euros. In the general statistical rating of Wyscout’s utility, only the leader BATE takes a place corresponding to the conditional value: among the best central midfielders Dragoon is the second, in the first place is Dmitry Komarovsky from Isloch, whom the authoritative site estimates at 100 thousand euros.

In the same rating, Brest Dynamo player Alexander Noyok is not even in the top ten, taking 14th place. For comparison, the 13th place belongs to Denis Yaskovich from Gorodeya, whom Transfermarkt estimates at only 100 thousand euros.

Another Brest resident, Mikhail Gordeychuk, is even lower in the statistical rating of the best extreme forwards – 18th place. The position above is Gleb Rassadkin from “Neman” (17th place, 150 thousand euros), the position below is Vladislav Mukhamedov from “Smolevichi”, who are breathing their best (16th place, 50 thousand euros). Ironically, but the second-ranked leader of BATE, the best Belarusian footballer of recent seasons, Igor Stasevich, Transfermarkt estimates only 250 thousand euros. This is what the five most useful wingers look like:

Gegham Kadimyan from Grodno, who heads the top, is six times cheaper than Gordeychuk – 200 thousand euros.
If we take individual statistical nominations, out of the three most expensive players in the championship, only Stanislav Dragun will lead one of the ratings. Thus, the opponents foul the BATE midfielder most often – 33 violations since the beginning of the 2020 season, on average 4.11 fouls per game. Gordeychuk and Noyok were not even included in the top thirty in this top.

The only nomination in which Noyok and Gordeychuk are visible are shots on goal. Noyok is third in the top league in terms of this indicator (16th for shots on target), Gordeychuk – 10th (13th for shots on target).

Not a lot for the nominally first stars of the championship. For example, a year ago the unknown Jasurbek Yakhshiboev from Energetik-BSU by the end of spring is leading in five (!) Attacking nominations at once. The striker from Uzbekistan is the best in the top league in terms of the number of goals (7), in xG – the number of expected goals (7.42), in the number of shots (40), one-on-one strokes (103) and penalties realized (4). At the same time, the cost of Yakhshiboev is 300 thousand euros.

1000000 €

We have one guy for a million – in a round sum Transfermarkt assesses only Brest resident Pavel Savitsky . In the overall statistical utility rating of Wyscout, the Dynamo forward ranks 15th among the league wingers. The position is better than that of Gordeychuk, but does not even reach the indicators, for example, Artem Gurenko from Vitebsk (11th place at a cost of 250 thousand euros).

If we take individual statistical nominations, Pavel Savitsky is in the top 5 players of the Major League in terms of the number of touches in the penalty area – 43 since the beginning of the season, 4.96 per game on average.

In terms of expected goals (xG) Savitsky is eighth in the league – 3.71, but the forward scored only one real goal. The Brest resident made a lot of deep passes (passes to the 20-meter zone from the opponent’s goal, excluding canopies) – 21. This is the fourth result in the championship after Artem Milevsky (32), Sergei Balanovich (24) and Vladislav Klimovich (22). That, in principle, is all that one of the “fur seals” can boast of.

By the way, Artem Milevsky, at 35, who is one of the best in the Black Sea bank in terms of a number of statistical indicators, is ten times cheaper than Savitsky in the Transfermarkt tables – only 100 thousand euros.

950,000 €

The “magnificent seven” of the Major League also includes Yuri Kendysh from Shakhtar, Yevgeny Khacheridi from Dynamo Brest and Denis Shcherbitsky from BATE. The transfer of everyone can pull at 950 thousand euros.

The goalkeeper of BATE, who had been recovering from injury for a long time, for objective reasons could not “fill” the statistics. At the moment, Shcherbitsky is not even included in the top 15 goalkeepers of the league. Interestingly, Aleksandr Gutor (15th in the ranking of the most expensive Black White players with a transfer value of 725 thousand euros) is only in third place. Ahead are Vladimir Bushma from Zhodino “Torpedo” (2nd place, 50 thousand euros) and Alexander Nechaev from “Rukh” (1st place, 150 thousand euros).

Yevgeny Khacheridi is still in Belarus only managed to disgrace himself and become the hero of the story about “Khachik and“ Gelik. ”With two games in the top league, Khacheridi, naturally, outside the top 30 central defenders. The three leaders are now formed by Sergey Politevich from“ Shakhtar ” 400,000 euros), Mikha Goropevshek from Dinamo Minsk (2nd, 300,000 euros) and another miner Alexander Sachivko (3rd place, 100,000 euros).

here Yuri Kendysh is not deprived of game minutes. The representative of Soligorsk justifies the transfer cost by the first place in the general statistical rating of defensive players.

In some nominations Kendysh takes the lead in the number of won riding single combats – 120 since the beginning of the season, 11.51 on average per game, 67% successful.

If you were to make a symbolic national team of the championship right now, choosing the strongest solely by statistical data, it would look like this:

The most expensive player in it would be Sergei Politevich (400 thousand euros), and the total transfer cost of the players would be 2.7 million euros.

TOP-7 most expensive football players of the Belarusian championship

  • Stanislav Dragun (BATE) – € 1.2 million
  • Alexander Noyok (Dynamo Br) – 1.2 million euros
  • Mikhail Gordeychuk (Dynamo Br) – € 1.2 million
  • Pavel Savitsky (Dynamo Br) – 1 million euros
  • Yury Kendysh (Shakhtar) – 950 thousand euros
  • Evgeny Khacheridi (Dynamo Br) – 950 thousand euros
  • Denis Shcherbitsky (BATE) – 950 thousand euros

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