Nastich is more expensive than the entire defense of Slavia, Shakhtar’s midfield is cheaper than that of Dynamo. The semi-finalists of the Belarus Cup were rated

Dynamo is behind Shakhtar in only one position, and Shcherbitsky is 19 times more expensive than Baranovsky.There are two important issues on the agenda. The first one: will Slavia be able to keep the minimum advantage in the confrontation with BATE in the Belarusian Cup semifinals. Second: will Shakhtar play back two goals against Dynamo Brest?

But more on that in the evening. In the meantime, has estimated the transfer cost of the Belarus Cup semi-finalists, who are only one step away from the decisive match.

Shakhtar – Dynamo Br

EuroBet : Shakhtar will win – 2.02, draw – 3.50, Dynamo will take revenge for the defeat in the championship – 3.85.

Goalkeepers: Gutor (725 thousand euros) – Pavlyuchenko (250 thousand euros).

The total cost of the Dynamo roster is slightly higher, than Shakhtar, according to this indicator, the clubs are in second and third places, respectively (BATE is in the first place). The national champion is inferior to the Pitmen only in one position. Gutor is one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the league (why – he recently proved in a match with the same Brest players). Young Pavlyuchenko is three times cheaper. Perhaps Ignatovich will take a place in the “frame” in Soligorsk, but its cost is even less – 200 thousand.

Defense: Antich (900 thousand), Khadarkevich (300 thousand), Sachivko (100 thousand), Vukmanich (150 thousand) – Vitus (300 thousand), Pavlovets (400 thousand), Gabi (600 thousand), Yuzepchuk (150 thousand).

Total cost: 1.45 million – 1.45 million Amazing parity! The hosts are elevated by Antic, for which Transfermarkt is ready to give Gaby and Vitus. It should be noted that Khacheridi was not included in the Brest dwellers, who was disqualified after incontinence in the game with Vitebsk. After the ugly act, it is not known when the Dynamo helmsman will return him to the base. Khacheridi’s cost is 950 thousand. If he had the opportunity to play, the Brest defense would cost more, but it is far from a fact that it would be more effective …

Middle line: Selyava (400 thousand), Szoke (800 thousand), Kendysh (950 thousand), Balanovich (250 thousand), Ivanovich (800 thousand) – Noyok (1.2 million), Kislyak (300 thousand), Milevsky (100 thousand), Savitsky (1 million), Gordeychuk (1.2 million).

EuroBet : The teams will score at least three goals – 2.27, they will not be able to break the total of 2.5 – 1.61.

Total cost: 3.2 million – 3.8 million. Three players in the Dynamo midfield are valued at more than a million euros at once, Shakhtar don’t have such expensive copies at all, but a balance has appeared in the game : Kendysh climbed higher, Szoke cleans up everything from behind, Ivanovich is persistent on the flank. Kislyak and Milevsky are out of the picture at Dynamo, but one is 32 years old, the other is 35 years old. Note that the midfield of both teams is more expensive than that of BATE.

Attack: Lisakovich (500 thousand) – Laptev ( 650 thousand).

Lisakovich does not have a solid place in the base, but played well against Dynamo in the championship, so it is highly likely that Yuri Vernidub will not look for good from good and will put the 22-year-old striker on the edge. But Laptev, although more expensive, does not spend a brilliant segment of the season – so far without goals at all!

BATE – Slavia

EuroBet : BATE will reach the final – 1.61, “Slavia” will hold back the onslaught of Borisovites and will advance to the final – 2.33.

The last failures of the Mozyryans blurred the pleasant impression from the start of the season. After defeating BATE in the first semi-final match of the Cup, Mikhail Martinovich’s charges scored only one point in three matches. It seems that the “red-blacks” do not keep up with the given tempo. For Slavia, this game will be the sixth in April. Crazy calendar for a team that does not have a long bench.

Goalkeepers: Shcherbitsky (950 thousand euros) – Baranovsky (50 thousand euros).

Shcherbitsky is the most expensive goalkeeper in the Belarusian championship. Denis finally recovered from his injury and immediately returned to the base. For the 24-year-old goalkeeper, the first match in the semifinals was his debut after returning from the infirmary, but he was not to blame for the only missed ball. With the return of Shcherbitsky, the results of BATE in the championship went uphill (two wins and a draw). Will it be possible to reach the final after the defeat in Mozyr? His counterpart is almost 20 times cheaper, but even at 37, Baranovskiy can single-handedly win a ticket for Slavia to the Cup final.

EuroBet : Slavia will not be able to score BATE – 1.7, the Mozyryans will at least once upset the hosts’ goalkeeper – 2.08.

Defense: Nastich (800 thousand), Filipenko (525 thousand) , Volkov (600 thousand), Bessmertny (325 thousand) – Pantya (300 thousand), Potapov (100 thousand), Tymaniuk (150 thousand), Zhuk (150 thousand).

Total cost: 2.25 million – 700 thousand. Nastich is the most expensive left-back of the championship. Its cost is higher than that of the entire Mozyryan defense. Despite the fact that Transfermarket estimated Pantu at 300 thousand – the highest indicator in Slavia.

Middle line: Yablonsky (650 thousand), Willumson (250 thousand), Dragoon (1.2 million), Stasevich (250 thousand), Nekhaichik (725 thousand) – Kotlyarov (300 thousand), Narkh (250 thousand), Raevsky (100 thousand). ), Shevchenko (250 thousand), Chukhley (100 thousand).

Total cost: 3.1 million – 1 million. Determining the starting lineup of BATE is not an easy task. Due to unsatisfactory results, Alshevsky actively resorts to rotation, but in any case, the cost of the middle line of BATE is at least twice as high. Due to his age, Stasevich has one of the lowest price tags in the BATE roster, but it is difficult to overestimate his contribution to the team’s success. Dragoon is one of the most expensive players in the championship, his cost is higher than all Slavia’s midfielders. And in the last round, he proved that he is worth a lot of money: he came out as a substitute in the second half and sent the winning ball into the Gorodeya goal with the first touch.

Attack: Saroka (325 thousand) – Melnikov (200 thousand).

As expected, BATE players are more expensive than their rivals in repeatedly. In terms of the total cost of the composition, the Borisovites are in the lead in the championship. However, the difference in attack is not that great. Moreover, Melnikov proved himself well at the start of the championship, while Saroka did not go well from the very first games. True, the Borisov striker “broke the fast” in the match with “Minsk”, then consolidated his success in Gorodey – maybe this will give him confidence.

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