Only “old men” go into battle. Top league goalkeepers – 144 for four

Boris Pankratov (Slutsk)

Slutsk has an international fan club , the international fan club has a question: how miraculously the career of master Pankratov missed the world top leagues? It is quite clear to Australians and Americans that the goalkeeper Boris from distant Belarus is in no way inferior to the level of Mark Schwarzer and Tim Howard of their best years. Comparison with them is a generous compliment, but overseas fans are missing the point. The championship of Belarus right now is the world top-league, where Slutsk is in the lead, and Pankratov is the soloist. The situation was best reviewed not by a baseball player, but by a seasoned fan Shane Robinson: “Barys Pankrataw is literally a God amongst Men” [Boris Pankrataw is just a god among mortals] . Robinson’s Facebook post got a hundred likes and got here using a selective method, and in the Slutsk fan group there are dozens, even hundreds of such admissions of Pankratov’s genius.

Pankratov is 37 years old, he is the captain of Slutsk and the third player in the championship in the “PB” rating with a score of 5.60 (above only Jasur Yakhshiboev – 5.70 and Gabi Ramos – 5.63). An amazing thing: in five matches of the season, the main character of Vitaly Pavlov’s team never played “to zero”. “Deep down, any goalkeeper wants to play“ zero. ”But when there is a result, you don’t think about it that way” , – says Pankratov. His team beat Shakhtar and Isloch on a visit, dealt with Slavia at home and played a world match with Vitebsk, and also lost to Dynamo Brest. In all fights, the leader of the “white-blue” kept the bar, but two meetings are worth highlighting – with the “wolves” and the miners.

Борис Панкратов

The Isloch players have shot at Pankratov’s goal 19 times, 10 attempts were on target. Captain Boris saved the victory for the guests: a couple of saves with their feet at the beginning of the match (Yansane and Stephen were active), several impressive rescues in the end – and the Slutsk keeper in the world top. I was especially impressed by Pankratov’s reaction to the headbutt by Sergey Kontsevoy in stoppage time. Some of the fans began to rejoice at the goal, Vitaly Zhukovsky grabbed his head …

In Soligorsk, the home team struck as many as 28 shots, Pankratov’s goal was 11. Boris’s main save was Darko Bodul’s penalty. “Purely intuitively, I jumped into the corner to my right. I felt that Bodul would hit like this,” , the Slutsk goalkeeper admitted in an interview with PB after the match. He won duels with penalty takers for the 8th time (out of 24) in his career – four times he deflected shots himself, and four more times he forced the hitters to miss. Boris’s percentage of victories in duels with penalties is impressive – 33.3! According to the results of the match with Shakhtar, Pankratov was recognized as the best player of the tour.

Vladimir Bushma (Torpedo-BelAZ)

Vladimir Fomich Bushma proved his goalkeeper long ago the consistency of football Belarus, but due to various circumstances, he has never played for the national team. This oil painting evokes only one semantic reaction – regret. Alas, time cannot be reversed, the probability of seeing Bushma “white-winged” is less every year, and the age is not pioneer for a long time – 36 years, consider it as a pensioner. Now Vladimir is where he started his professional career – in Zhodino. The winter decision of Yuri Puntus to leave a seasoned goalkeeper in “Torpedo” cannot be described as correct. And even if in the offseason the commander-in-chief of Zhodino brought Rodion Syamuk to the team and allowed the recruit to play against Shakhtar at the start of the season, later the experienced mentor used only Bushma, who never let him down.

Bushma is ninth in the pressball rating, with an average score of 5.40 over five matches. Fans of statistics about the ex-goalkeeper of Shakhtar, Minsk and Gomel should know the following. First, Bushma is the champion of the Belarusian championship in terms of the number of reflected penalties (12 out of 24). Secondly, the absolute leader of the Major League in terms of the number of “clean sheets” – 130. Thirdly, it takes the second place among goalkeepers in games in the elite division – 302 (the record of the retired Alexander Sulima is 319).

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Владимир Бушма

In the 2020 championship, Bushma has four crackers – against Shakhtar, Belshina, Energetika and BATE. Only Dynamo Minsk managed to knock the seasoned goalkeeper, and twice in a match. However, even in that fight, Vladimir made several spectacular saves.

The Zhodino goalkeeper was especially successful in his trip to Borisov. Largely thanks to Bushma’s reliable play, Yuri Puntus’s torpedo team scored an away draw, which brought one point to the points-box and kept the team in the leading group of the championship. In the game with BATE Bushma pulled out Boyan Nastich’s “parachute” from the “nine”, coped with two shots from Willum Willumsson and one from Igor Stasevich. And then he averted the threats of the dragoon and the same Willumsson – after a corner kick by Stasevich.

Mikhail Baranovsky (Slavia)

If we sum up the age of Pankratov, Bushma and the captain of “Slavia” Baranovsky, we get 110 years. The main elders of the major league are goalkeepers, and this is a reason to choose a Slutsk belt, start a BelAZ and watch the film “Tomorrow Will Be Late” in the Mozyr cinema “Mir”. The best goalkeepers of the championship are 110 years old for three, well, well! Each listed “old man” will give odds to the young, each has seen life – Baranovsky, having received a football education in Mozyr, skated across Russia for many years. Dimitrovgrad (not Melekess for a long time), Kaliningrad, Sochi, Bryansk, Volgograd, Ufa, Kaluga, Saratov … Goalkeeper Mikhail lived and played in these cities, but where the goalkeeper Mikhail played, but did not live – one goalkeeper Mikhail knows. In the summer of 2018, he returned to Mozyr, won the first league with Slavia and moved to the elite division. And last season he practiced irregularly – he shared playing time with Rodion Syamuk, who is now in Zhodino.

In the first match of the 2020 championship, Baranovsky took the ball out of his goal three times – Pankratov’s Slutsk was not very welcoming … Further on the calendar there were matches with BATE (in the league and the Cup) and Brest “Dynamo” – obviously, not promising anything good, the matches were “wet”, like Tima Belorusskikh’s crosses. It was possible to book tickets to Dimitrovgrad (not Melekess for a long time) and throw away from possible problems, but Mikhail is not a coward, he met formidable rivals with fearlessness and a captain’s armband on his arm. As a result, the opponents turned out to be not so formidable – “Slavia” won three times, and did not even concede in the Cup. The team that handed out cuffs to the champion and vice-champion of the last championship began to terrify itself.

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Михаил Барановский

Baranovsky is not guilty of any of the seven conceded goals at the start of the season. So, in any case, I think from the couch for non-experts. Even in the aforementioned game against “Slutsk”, where as many as four penalties were assigned to the Mozyr gate, only two were effective. One shot was missed, the goalkeeper coped with another. True, on finishing off none of the defenders had time to help.

Could Slavia’s Baranovsky Gates have been saved in fights with Borisov and Brest? Volcanic shot of Willum Willumsson in the far “nine” was, perhaps, from the category of non-bearers, but in the city on the Bug in general there was an own goal. At the same time, in matches with the two best teams of Belarus, the goalkeeper often helped out. Save after hitting Pavel Savitsky – as an example below.

“The goalkeeper’s position has such a specificity that the older, the more experienced. Misha is a pro in his field” , – the words of the head coach of “Slavia” Mikhail Martinovich. In the match with “Isloch” Baranovsky is also nothing to blame. Missed from the penalty spot and after a corner – the defenders’ goals were clearly not goalkeeper’s.

Igor Dovgyallo (Gorodeya)

The fourth goalkeeper on our list is also the fruit is ripe. Igor Dovgyallo will turn 35 in July, and he spent most of his professional career in the Vitebsk region. He played not only for “Lokomotiv” (now “Vitebsk”), “Naftan” and “Polotsk”, but even for the club with the succulent name “Myasokombinat”. Juicy, however, not for everyone – flexitarians twist their noses, pescetarians convulse. Dovgyallo is a tall and not thin man, which, however, has no effect on his jumping ability and other goalkeeper skills – he is able to get the ball out of any “nine” and kick it to hell on the middle of nowhere, even further. This is the first issue in Gorodeya.

The short-sighted decision of the marketing specialists of the Gorodeya Sugar Refinery was to print the figure of Dmitry Lebedev on the branded “football” packaging of white lump sugar. He, of course, is a club legend and deserves all the honors, but he joined “Krumkach”, which somewhat devalued 105 thousand cardboard copies. Yuri Volovik and Sergey Pushnyakov are still with the hashtag #PoGorodeyski, and Dovgyallo, not Lebedev, should have been added to the company. And to increase supplies to the north – in the Vitebsk region, as you know, goalkeeper Dovgyallo is known, sugar would be bought in packs. In fact, the marketers of the Gorodeya Sugar Refinery are great and handsome, and this paragraph is for fun.

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Игорь Довгяло

As for Dovgyallo’s creative abilities, this season he played “zero” three times, moreover, the series started in the third round and has not been interrupted so far. In fact, the main reason for these “crackers” is the well-coordinated city defense – with Kirill Pavlyuchek, Alexander Poznyak and Semyon Shestylovsky in the center, as well as Sergei Useny and Milan Yoksimovich on the flanks. Dovgyallo didn’t have much work: in the match with “Energetik”, one shot was struck on target of his goal, in the match with Minsk “Dynamo” – three, in the meeting with “Belshina” – four. However, firstly, the goalkeeper plays not only with gloves. Secondly, even a small number of shots on target still need to be repulsed. For example, Dovgyallo’s reaction to a free-kick from Dynamo player Danilo.

In the two starting matches of the 2020 championship, the goalkeeper of “Gorodeya” conceded three goals. One – from Vitebsk, two more – from Shakhtar. In those matches, there was more work: the Vitebsk dared five shots on target, the miners – eight. Plus, the Salihorsk team did not score a penalty – Yuri Kendysh sent the ball above the gate. For your attention – Dovgyallo’s master class in goalkeeper play outside the penalty area.

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