The emblem of Gislason, Petrikov and the miners, “Pershy region” from Koverdyakov. Second league rock and roll

New – regulations

For the first time since 2015, the second league is divided into two groups based on territoriality. There are 11 teams in divisions “A” and “B”, all of them will play 20 matches in two rounds according to the principle “each with each”. Then, the three best teams of each division will form a sextet of superfinalists, in which the squads will play 10 more fights each and determine the final places from the first to the sixth. The rest of the teams, which took positions from the fourth to the eleventh in the group stage, will form inter-divisional pairs according to the A4 – B4, A5 – B5 and so on. The play-off duels, consisting of two matches (home and away), will place the teams in the final places from the seventh and below.

The two strongest teams of the second league will receive a direct promotion to D2, the bronze medalist will play in play-offs with the worst team first league.

Group “A”: Baranovichi, BSU (Minsk), Dynamo-1960 (Brest), Ivatsevichi, Kronon (Stolbtsy), Meliorator (Zhitkovichi), Molodechno- 2018, Ostrovets, Pershy region (Koverdyaki), Stanles (Pinsk), Chaika (Zelva).

Group B: Bumprom (Gomel), Victoria (Maryina Gorka), Gorki, Dnipro (Mogilev), Dnipro (Rogachev), Zhlobin, Osipovichi, Polotsk-2019, SMIavtotrans (Smolevichi), Shakhtar (Petrikov), Energetik-BGATU (Minsk).

According to the total number of participants, the second league -2020 is one of the most widespread in the last ten years. In 2019, 16 teams competed in the Belarusian D3, in 2018 – 15, in 2017 – 14, in 2016 – 13, in 2015 – 20, in 2014 – 24, in 2013 – 13, in 2012 – 19, in 2011 – 16, in 2010 – 18.

EuroBet : Seagull will win Molodechno-2018 “- 12.50, the match ends in a draw – 6.10, Chaika will lose to Molodechno – 1.10.

Favorite – Mogilev

The second league is the championship of Tajikistan. They have Istiklol, we have Dnipro. The clubs are different, the goal is the same – burd tillo. Translated from Tajik – to win gold. And not just “Burd Tillo”, but confidently “Burd Tillo”, because both clubs, nicknamed “Lions” are too good for anything else. If “Istiklol” jumps below the head, the sun will rise in the west and sink in the east, the seas will dry up and the wind will blow the mountains away like leaves. If the Dnepr mission fails, the prediction of Lkhazarian woman Mirri Maz Duur will come true again. And this, obviously, no one would like.

Mogilev region on the football map of Belarus is represented by four clubs, that is, it is extremely sparingly. In the elite only “Belshina”, and even she closes the table with one single point. In D2 – nobody, in D3 – “Gorki”, “Dnepr” and “Osipovichi”. Everyone agrees to fly from group B to the superfinal, but it seems that not everyone is strong enough. Not worrying only for Dnipro, many of whose players have played in the elite division. The Mogilev squad is coached by Igor Chumachenko, at his disposal is Evgeny Yelezarenko (138 matches in the Major League), Anton Shepelev (64), Vladimir Zhurov (54), Maxim Rybakov (43), Oleg Chmyrikov (32) and other seasoned football players.

In style – Ostrovets

Club “Ostrovets” is young, but bright. I took a surfboard and jumped on the wave of restyling, which captured BATE, “Smolevichi” and other belclubs. Debutant D3 went the farthest and ordered a new logo in the Icelandic town of Torlaukshebn, where designer Rafn Gislason lives and paints volcanically. The emblem turned out to be no less nuclear than the station being built near Ostrovets. The Icelander Rafn scrupulously studied the issue and made a bet on the oak branch. Oak is a symbol of strength and endurance. The oak is depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Ostrovets.

The team itself is a mystery, and in group “A” it is not the only one. “Ostrovets” is coached by Vladas Moteka, a long-haired brunette from Limassol who has been looking for talents all spring and has found Pasternak among others – not Boris, but Alexei. Judging by the surnames, most of the roster is assigned to the pupils of the local CYSS – they should move the team “into the darkness of the forest”, where “Road pillars // Left and right”. The “green-whites” made a sparring match with the “Kronon” column for the season, and suffered an away defeat 1: 4. A week earlier, the newcomers of the second league beat the juniors “Smorgon” (U-18) with a score of 5: 1. Season-2019 “Ostrovets” spent in the championship of the Grodno region, where he took 11th place out of 15 participants.

The first region – Koverdyaki

The football map of the famous traveler Andrei Vashkevich impresses ordinary mortals with its geography and disappoints the inhabitants of the village of Koverdyaki – the ex-general secretary of BATE never checked into their town. Of course, Ze Vashkevich did not have a special reason for the sculptor Valery Moguchy’s homeland. Now it is. The Olympus arena, surrounded by an uncouth concrete fence, the Pershy region team, dreaming of becoming a Basque Athletic … Koverdyakov is fifteen hundred, they live eight kilometers north of Brest.

Alas, the BFF banned the second league matches at the Olymp Stadium – there is no tribune for five hundred plastic seats. There is no money for such a simple structure in the team, they did not scratch the bottom of the barrel. The season will start in Brest, and there – as it goes. “Pershy region” lives with a dream to gather under its banners the most talented people from the Brest region and with them make their way from rags to riches. However, the dream is a matter of the future, and the current tasks are simple and custard, like a Napoleon cake. Koverdyaki sell seasonal passes (they promise to transfer 80 percent of the cost to Brest doctors to fight the coronavirus), look for a new emblem and work as minibus drivers and IT specialists … The first in the region, Kirill Kudey is both a director, a coach and a player.

With humor – Rogachev

In Rogachev, singer Dmitry Koldun made a hype at football and churned out goals by striker Viktor Ivanov, launched his playing career Dmitry Kapelyan and hung his boots on a nail Pavel Begansky. Dnipro is returning to the second league after a three-year break, and this come back will definitely add color to the palette of the Belarusian D3. The news feeds will not be filled with Anton Nguyen’s “bisiclets” or Andrei Fomin’s “ladies”, but about football actions and other sorcerers with sour cream. Nguyen and Fomin, of course, are quite capable of “bisiclets” and “panenki”, just because of Rogachev’s modesty they do not upload video evidence to the network.

Rogachev’s humor is not only Mikhas Sliva’s anecdotes on the last page of the regional newspaper “Svabodnae Slovo”. In the “Football” category, choose “Dnipro” – and watch. On April 11, the Rogachev team sparred with the mysterious “INP Tim” from Gomel – and lost 1: 3. Despite the fact that “INP Team” is a rival, the Dnipro team numbered as many as nine INPs, and the only team goal was scored by INP from a penalty kick for demolishing INP! In addition, on the eve of the fight, the club press service reported that there were 20 INPs in the expanded list of coach Yuri Melnikov! Later, specifics appeared – in a friendly match with “INP Tim” a detachment of experienced fighters with experience of performances in England, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland was tested … The names were classified, but obviously: the composition for European cups! / p>

Miners – Petrikov

Shakhtar from Petrikov is the Shakhtar’s farm club from Soligorsk. The junior miners are based in the city of the elders, but they will play 150 kilometers south-east of the country in the city above Pripyat. A cozy stadium “Pripyat” with 400 seats is waiting for big matches in the ten thousandth Petrikov. Synthetics are of high quality, slogans are posted encouraging: “Choose a sport!” , “Make your life brighter!” and the like. The task of the Petrykivka team is clear and understandable – to test young players for the main Shakhtar, who plans to become a champion and make some noise in European competitions. Serhiy Nikiforenko coaches Shakhtar-2 with his assistant Vladimir Kavaleny.

During the preseason, the miners had nine friendly sparring sessions: they won three times, drew and lost. After a thorough analysis of the details, we inform you that Shakhtar did not look bad: they beat the first-league Lokomotiv and Granit, scored seven unanswered goals to Gorodeya’s understudies, fought on equal terms with Sputnik … the strength in Group B after the brave team from Mogilev, then the strength of Shakhtar Petrykivka. The newly formed team is aiming at D2 – and, it seems, is quite capable of completing the task.

EuroBet : Shakhtar will beat SMIavtotrans – 1.18, the match will end in a draw – 5.80, Shakhtar will lose 7.60 to SMIavtotrans.

Again twenty-five – Molodechno

At home Brothers Makovsky football has long been restless. This year they made some noise again, and this noise is not for the joy of either ours or strangers. “Molodechno” and “Underdog” from the Chist settlement will not play in the first league, although a couple of months ago the two had chances, but not opportunities. As a result, the bronze medalist D3-2019 “Molodechno” starts again in the second league, the fourth team of the last year’s tournament “Underdog” left the football map of Belarus. Below is a short chronicle of unenviable events.

On January 22, Molodechno informs the BFF about its readiness to play in the first league. On January 31, the Molodechno regional executive committee trumpets that it is not ready to bear financial responsibility for the local team. On February 5, the owner of “Underdog” Aleksey Eremchuk sent a letter to the Minsk regional executive committee with a proposal to merge “Underdog” and “Molodechno”. On February 25, the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee supported the unification of the teams. On March 3, the planned budget was announced – 400 thousand rubles. On March 10, Eremchuk left “Underdog” and left the Belarusian football. On March 11 it becomes known that Molodechno will start the season at D3. On March 13, the regional authorities note that they will return to the issue of uniting teams after the 2020 season …

1st round – April 18

Group “A”:
13.00. Dynamo-1960 (Brest) – Meliorator (Zhitkovichi)
13.00. Chaika (Zelva) – Molodechno-2018
14.00. Ivatsevichi – Ostrovets
14.00. Kronon (Columns) – Pershy region (Coverdies)
18.00. BSU (Minsk) – Stanles (Pinsk)

Group “B”:
13.00. Victoria (Maryina Gorka) – Dnipro (Rogachev)
14.00. SMIavtotrans (Smolevichi) – Shakhtar (Petrikov)
14.00. Gorki – Zhlobin
15.00. Polotsk-2019 – Bumprom (Gomel)
16.00. Osipovichi – Energetik-BGATU (Minsk)

Baranovichi and Mogilev Dnipro skip the 1st round.

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