“When it’s not rolling, you have to do something: drink some shampoos, talk mentally. You look, and the suit has gone.” Two sixes by Yuri Pudyshev

1. In a mask

“I came to a psychologist, told me about my childhood, he started crying, barely calmed down” – all through humor. Uncomplicated, as the people love. It’s so fresh when suddenly and from an acting idol, but about ourselves we do not notice how far everything has gone. Almost forty years have passed since the golden season.

A generation has changed, and those who have not seen the brilliant, Mozart gift of the captain of the Minsk “Dynamo” may sadly assume that clowning is his destiny. And each time, the interviews about the brave amusements of those whose heads have turned white amuse less, and the idea of ​​entering the field in the seventh ten in the calendar match of the national championship is not even so impressive. got involved. Or, which is more like the truth, for some reason unknown to us, he deliberately chose the form of communication with the world. Thus, starting with the brightly presented kitsch in 1997, it is still in demand among interviewers.

All this was in that century, but it does not change, raising doubts about the absence of makeup. For this and a mask, so that strangers do not know how it all really is. What’s going on in the soul.

He’s smart and subtle, with all his deliberate recklessness, but for some reason all this is hidden deeply, so that they do not recognize, dispel the idea, do not encourage praise and, worse, sympathize. This other, intellectual side is manifested in an instant reaction in a conversation, and flashed erudition, and not superficial sincerity. It is not for nothing that people in various teams and geographic locations continue to appreciate him, and young men working under his supervision do not out of the blue. And it was not in vain that Kapsky himself called those who remained at the crossroads back to BATE – with a full set of trainers, the second time to the old river.

And Pudyshev, on the seventh circle, is still beating stories, old and new, in his former style – the only one that is expected of him. And, surprisingly, it does not suck from the finger: he is the Munchausen who does not lie. A psychologist, if there were such a thing in reality, would really be just right to laugh through tears or cry through laughter.

In stylistics, the matter is, this is the trick: facts are one, and comedy or tragedy determines the presentation.

In Kaliningrad, near Moscow, where he was born, a particularly important SKB of rocket and space systems was located. It sounded beautiful: the bureau of Academician Korolyov, but the academicians themselves were sparse, and there were more people twisting the nuts.

And daddy was twisting, who fled from the family soon after the birth of his first child. Mother worked as a minder – pumping solution. Hard work, I did not see my son all day – a classic street fatherlessness from an early age.

Papanka showed up once with sweets in an oiled suitcase with wrenches. The little boy was three then, he was capricious: someone else’s uncle, smelly candy – the mother of the guest and drove away, not for that son to get used to hygiene. He didn’t come again, then he left the city completely – that’s all.

They lived in a barrack of enormous size, it seemed, from the number of families. Some walk, others have a rest – a picnic on the sidelines of a happy Soviet life.

Mother is constantly at work, Yurok – under the windows, but equality protects from wretchedness: all barracks lived the same way. Thaw, freeze, Khrushchev’s all the eccentricities were somewhere in the background, past the consciousness of the working people. The kid got together in the yard in the morning, played a “bouncer”, knives, kicked the ball.

Somehow it rustled in the company that the football players – the older guys who played in the youth team – were given chocolate. For Yura, who knew only caramels on holidays, this was an indicator, and he went to sign up.

Юрий Пудышев

In class “B” the city was represented by the team “Vympel”, and the boys were coached by an enthusiast. Yurok, he was ten years old then, immediately distinguished himself with his speed and dribbling. Was worn for everyone, wherever they were called, so I caught the eye of the Olympic champion Nikolai Tishchenko, who, with a collarbone, went to him in the children’s “Spartak”. We played on Shiryaevka, but Yura also paved the way for the club base: by train to Mytishchi and three stops to Tarasovka, or, when there is no money, pokhom. He sat down and stared at how the masters train – Papaev, Osyanin, Khusainov, Logofet, Maslachenko, inhaled the Spartak air. Fell in love with the playing team, and he played for others all the way. It’s like with women, he says: one for life, a lot for a holiday, and there is still – for a dream. for food. We trained in Luzhniki, in the spring we went to Tuapse for the southern training camp. For my mother, this was an event: the son is a football player, he is busy with business, than to be homeless in the yard, and it is easier for her. Valentina Ivanovna did not marry, she gave all her love and health to her son.

In the “Labor Reserves” they were elected captain, they played well in the allied departmental tournament. Once in Ordzhonikidze, the boys were given twenty rubles for the first place – he took a couple of bottles of champagne to the yard and for the remaining ten – to the mother of fruit. summer 1953, guys, street bosses. They gave a number of commandments – maybe more, but I remembered so many: to respect friends, not to eat the poppy growing in the fields, not to offend women and not get involved – then it was wonderful to listen – with married people.

Closer to the release, he was noted by Dynamo and CSKA. Nekstati caught a sore throat, decided to heal with a folk remedy: I ​​lit a burner in the gas stove, bent over to warm it. And the throat suddenly began to swell, an abscess began. Himself alone at home, began to choke. And then there was a knock on the door, purely an angel from heaven – Vladimir Fedotov, who was in charge of selection at CSKA. As soon as I found them, I found them in the town at the right time? He left a note for his mother, Pudyshev to the Volga – and to Moscow at the Burdenko hospital. There the boy immediately on the table, wielded over the tonsils. Slightly moved away from anesthesia, Fedotov with his question hanging: “Well, where are you going, to us or to Dynamo? Yura hissed:” I promised Dynamo, “the savior did not insist.

To Dynamo “Adamas Golodets was responsible for the understudies, he hurried to show the purchase to the elder. And Beskov has one question for the newcomers: who are you supporting? Yura was confused and called” Spartak “, he thought it was really necessary.” Well, he went out of here! ”

Adamas Solomonovich could not forgive: who needs your truth!

But it was settled, they worked well with Beskov. Konstantin Ivanovich was young, he appreciated the players, but after the 72nd season he was removed. Kachalin was already introduced to Pudyshev There were 13 matches with replacements in the first year, 20 in the second, and in the seventy-fifth, when Sevidov came to the bridge, Yurok slept on the fulfillment of the first commandment. He called his childhood friends, the former dud, to Metropol to celebrate the first full-fledged salary, and there are a dime a dozen tramples. ”San Sanych did not rush, he put in the lineup, and after the defeat said: ” It’s too early for you, Yura, in the Metropolitan area, sit on the bank for now .

Competition in the team, be healthy, so all year long for the take and poking around.

And my legs itch, I want play. And then an offer came on the Dynamo line:

– Will you go to Minsk?
– I’ll go.

Sevidov didn’t mind.

2. Seventh Heaven

Pudyshev came to Minsk when Evgeny Goryansky was staying. The team picked up what they needed: Bogovik, Kournev, Baidachny, who began to enter the juice of Prokopenko … From the white-stone line along the same Dynamo line, they sent another neprokhonzhe – Pudyshev’s one-year-old striker Kurnenin. And we went to weave lace in the manner of Spartak, a tournament result, however, that did not bring.

Outside the field – also lace, only of a different kind. The leadership of the republic saw that the intelligently gentle Goryansky did not keep the daring people in the mittens, and put a militia general over the team.

Can you follow them?

The dashing bachelor was given the keys to a one-room service Tank – they let the fox into the chicken coop. The city of brides Minsk gave him one hundred percent. Pudyshev designed the unfurnished apartment extravagantly, giving free artist to his acquaintance to paint the walls and receiving Michelangelo’s subjects, which are doubtful for our man. “How can you, Soviet officer, sleep under the cross!” – scolded him by the chief of the Belsovet “Dynamo” and, without achieving remorse, sent him to the hostel. But he soon realized that it was quieter, and returned with the keys the opportunity to prepare for matches according to his own recipes, for other young people it was contraindicated and overwhelming.

This other side of the moon was not particularly reflected in his game. Someone had a problem with stability, the weight was crawling – they slid along an incline like a talented exile from Moscow “Spartak” Igor Grigoriev, but that doesn’t care. A car of health with playmaking opportunities and an insane thirst for the game made Pudyshev a key figure on the field.

“When not rolling, you have to do something: get yourself together, have a drink or shampoo, talk mentally. clamps – and tomorrow, you see, the suit went “.

There were also creative successes. It was with his light hand that the restaurant of the hotel “Minsk” first received the national, and already the official name “Seventh Heaven”. The sixth floor, and the “sky” – the seventh: ingeniously mistaken in the orientation.

The team’s uneven play, aggravated by the experiment of the championship organizers, led to consequences. Following the results of the shortened, in one round, autumn championship of 1976, Dynamo Minsk left the top league. The leadership of the republic, not without regret, parted with Yevgeny Ivanovich, who was pleasant in all respects, and made a bet on the freed Kiev master – the fundamentally savvy Oleg Bazilevich. And then it began.

Oleg Petrovich carried out an audit and released from the team all who did not fit his mold – a dozen and a half people. Possibilities of Pudyshev were beyond doubt: in terms of mobility, excitement, playing potential there was a midfielder for the national team, and the elder undertook to eradicate his festival temper.

But Pudyshev is such a person that he will be the first to rise out of the trench on good feelings, and to whom the soul does not lie – beyond the battalion commander, perhaps by dragging. Well, he did not like the pedant who canceled the departure for training if the bus was two minutes late – and such a mentor wanted to re-educate him! Moreover, these theoretical studies … Pudyshev admitted that Bazilevich was not a stupid guy, but he sincerely believed that trainers should grind their cleverness at seminars. For himself, he knew that football is a simple game, he gave it away – he opened up, and in following this simplicity he was needed by any coach.

It all ended in an explosion. In the final match of the first round, the Minskers lost to the main competitors for reaching the top league “Karpaty” – 0: 2. Bazilevich shot Pudyshev in the 33rd minute. On the eve of the trip to Lviv, the midfielder took the company, and the next morning the inspectors took out eighteen bottles of champagne from under the bathtub. Bazilevich did not remove the main dispatcher from the game, but exponentially knocked him out with this replacement, when Pudyshev himself had already considered that he had “acclimatized” in the game. The next day Bazilevich gathered a team for analysis and put on the tape: this is what Pudyshev does in the game, and now I will tell you how he prepared … Yuri did not listen, got up and went: I am not interested in this …

He did not hide from the riots, but he was not the instigators, the nature is not the same, but there were many dissatisfied, and all at once burst through. The question was: whether to leave Bazilevich and look for ideal players, or to assign another coach to the existing ones? And in Brest, Eduard Malofeev, who had just graduated from the HST, thundered with a young team – this is the solution to the problem.

What is noteworthy, Bazilevich – now many participants in the demarche admit – laid a good base for a year and a half. And even the difficult psychological background, these hopeless clouds, the overwhelming function of improvisation played a positive role: Malofeev, who had not pulled the reins to him, would not have dared to let go. It came out as ordered, the team revived, relaxed, played.

Pudyshev was a dear violin in the orchestra, combining Spartak lightness with primordially Dynamo pressure. The golden age, twenty-five, happily fell on the era of Malofeev.

I worked with the burning trainer, along with the heart of Danko and the baboons, he had an integral system, not yet frozen, developing before our eyes, there were ice, acrobatics, laws biochemistry and biodynamics, were new game principles that players shared. The team added, won the viewer in all cities.

One more bast in the line: Yuri married the patient Svetlana, their relationship was sealed by his daughter. Archeopteryx was easier to ring than this merry fellow, but here voluntarily. The team’s curators breathed a sigh of relief, anchors were outlined in the life of the stormy midfielder.

To celebrate from time to time a victory or drown out a failure – for Pudyshev it was a ritual. His nature required society.

Kumirs were recognized on the streets, their popularity was off the charts, the main thing was not to go off the rails, not to buzz with all the greetings that were on every corner. The team had a small, well-established company, where Prokop was rarely taken, because a national hero, and there was no need for extra noise. Quietly left – quietly returned. It happened, of course, to violate and at the wrong time, after which they felt guilty acutely and worked out three times. A few clothes on yourself before training – and kick out, and then in the game. The subtle psychologist Malofeev sometimes exploited this feeling of guilt.

So the years crawled, and the previously unknown feeling began to hurt that one should win something until you drown without a trace in this champagne. How promising it began, played for the USSR youth team at Lyadin, then Nikolayev took for the youth team, and then holidays and friends started.

Юрий Пудышев

In the eightieth year, Konstantin Beskov remembered about the Dynamo player, who was preparing the national team for the Moscow Olympics. Collected the playing team: Yura Gavrilov, Vova Bessonov, Fedor, Chivadze. Pudyshev easily fit into their ligaments, they spoke the same language on the field – but another shampoo intervened again. We marked the end of the training camp in Novogorsk, and the next one should take place in Italy. Europe was seen as a holiday of life, after shitty (it is clear whose epithet) Africa, where Minskers were sent regularly in the fall and where Pudyshev was no longer a trip after the first visit. Come on, Europe – I wanted to go to the Olympics! As an elk was worn on the collection. It seems that he was in favor, and here at the table one kind friend joked:

– Listen, have you seen the lists? They seem to unhook you …

Well, he said and said, and it was a wreck. The next morning, the hops had not yet disappeared, they were taken to the control game in the CSKA arena. It struck Pudyshev in the head, he decided to forestall, so that there would be less shame. I asked the driver to stop near the Voykovskaya metro station, wished everyone a successful performance at the Olympics and … walked away, throwing the bag over his shoulder. If Beskov were on the bus, he would not have let him out so easily, but he was already waiting in the arena on Peschanka, and the second Logofet did not differ in speed of reaction.

An outrageous case was released on the brakes only because Beskov appreciated Dynamo. He said to Kurnenin, who also tried at that training camp: “I would not know your friend, I would disqualify him for life!”

Belarus did not remain without an Olympic medal. At the last moment, Beskov took Sasha Prokopenko as understudy for Cherenkova. Pudyshev says he is happy for Prokop, that year he played great, they say, but you can imagine how cats scratched …

In 81st Pudyshev was elected captain. As expected, secretly, through notes. Borovsky and Kurnenin turned out to be assistants after the vote count. Pudik approached each of them, apologized: “What difference does it make who chooses half of the field …”

But laughter is laughter, but it’s not a joke. The bandage disciplined or the transience of football life, only in the eighty-second, when the Minskers had a chance against the background of the Kiev and Spartak nationals emasculated by the Spanish failure, Pudyshev and the team grabbed him. A year without flying, all in one – this is how gold was forged.

3. Peter Pan

A fabulous boy who did not want to grow up, as you know, escaped from his house through the chimney and flew to Kensington Gardens. The only difference between Yuri Pudyshev is that he was driven into these gardens. And then from the gardens – to other gardens, to the third …

The captain of Dynamo Minsk was expelled in the eighty-fourth. The task of the year was determined by the chiefs of Soviet football to be a successful performance in Los Angeles. The Olympic team was coached by Eduard Malofeev, who left for Moscow at the height of the 83rd championship. Gathered those players on whom he could rely, and solved the problem of getting out of the qualifying group. Together and separately, half a team of Dynamo Minsk tried on the jerseys of that team.

The massive attraction of Belarusians was preceded by the debut in the European Champions Cup, where Veniamin Arzamastsev’s wards reached the quarterfinals and looked decent against Bucharest in March, which was uncomfortable in all respects. Dynamo “(1: 1 and 0: 1), and in Romania it is not yet known how everything would have turned out if the damn Englishman had not canceled Pudyshev’s net goal. Minsk residents were on the move, and Malofeev rightly decided that they were not looking for good from good: where can you find such collective readiness in the first month of spring! A week after the European Cup match in Bucharest, Malofeev had a friendly match with the FRG national team in Hannover, and the commander-in-chief called Pudyshev, Yanushevsky, Gurinovich, Zygmantovich, Aleinikov, and at the same time left the Belarusian club, but still their Shishkin and Pavlov. For the majority, that performance for the first, with all the conditionality of the status, the national team remained the only one.

The Germans, in contrast to our run-in of the Olympians, gathered acting stars, but, surprisingly, barely won. In the confrontation with Matthaus, Brigel, Feller, Schumacher, Breme, our team quickly opened the score and almost held out – conceded the decisive one minute before the end after Shishkin’s fatal mistake (1: 2).

In that game, at the twentieth minute, Pavlov was seriously injured, to whom Feller made a slip, and his neighbor Pudyshev carried Kolya along with his bag for the remaining two days. Yuri himself could say goodbye to his health when he rolled under the huge Brigel – while he flew into the joint, he says, his whole life flashed before his eyes. But on the whole it was played with pleasure: do not feed the Dynamo team with bread, but only give a bullish rival. “Rushing with a stomp, already breathing in the back, and suddenly you step on the ball, leaving it to your partner, and you run further, and the horse follows you almost to the locker room …”

Юрий Пудышев

Yuri Pudyshev took our Olympians to the last qualifying match with the Hungarians. The match did not decide anything, the Soviet team was in the table unattainable. The captain was triumphant: they won’t unhook everything now, we are going to America for the Olympics!

But after two weeks everything turned upside down. At a meeting of the Politburo chaired by Chernenko, the leaders crossed out four years for a whole generation of Soviet athletes.

As the Olympic team is no longer needed, Malofeev was entrusted with a national one with its human resources – all the Blokhin, Rodionov, Dasaev, Bessonov … there was no place for this stellar company.

It is not difficult to understand in what state Pudyshev returned to Minsk, where feats were expected of him, not intending to delve into psychological nuances. The national team flew to Wembley, and he drove from the fair to the hateful repetition of the traversed. Self-medication in the traditional way backfired. The humiliating 0: 4 cup defeat at home from Moscow teammates brought a storm of criticism to the team and the captain who did not take part in the match.

Next came the defeats in the championship – in Tbilisi and in Moscow from “Spartak”. The leader was mercilessly whipped, and he bit the bit. There was a shampoo friend, and it ended with the fact that in early June the captain did not appear for the flight to Leningrad. Unfortunately, they lost devastatingly there, and Arzamastsev, a tough supporter of discipline, didn’t get involved – he did the same as with Prokop a year earlier. Pudyshev was expelled with a disqualification.

Yuri wasted a little more than a month idle. They didn’t call me back to the team, but my legs were itching. This was followed by a call from San Sanych Sevidov, who coached Moscow “Dynamo”: “How are you, do you have more gunpowder?” an order came to transfer officer Pudyshev to the capital.

But the childishness almost let him down: on the last evening he arranged a farewell party. I went to “Zhuravinka” – a national restaurant where Dynamo people were loved and played a football march when they appeared. In the midst of the performance, it seemed to the midfielder that it was not the police who came after him, but much more serious – his wife. A person needs to be afraid of something: death, God, bosses, or a wife.

The most curious thing is that Pudyshev’s wife is a kind, patient woman, which only he could have. “My fatty,” as he calls it. Somehow, in a new time, I came to “Rakovsky Brovar”, where the coaches were sitting, – I was looking. She greeted, smiled a tired smile, which was both embarrassment and kindness, and the understanding that she would carry this cross to the end – with a big child who will never grow up.

And then, in Zhuravinka “, Yuri got scared, or felt awkward – he jumped out the window from the second floor. He beat off his heels – then hobbled home to Nemiga. Do not step, but go tomorrow – I spent the night with compresses, applied baby urine. The doctor was later praised: “Saved your daughter’s career” .

But the next morning it didn’t get any better. I made my way to the train on my toes. In Moscow, straight to the CS “Dynamo” to Kolya Tolstoy – dignified, not showing his mind. It happened, they sent to Novogorsk, where the team was preparing, and in the championship there was a break, I got medical treatment in ten days.

There are many friends in the team: Maksimenkov, Minaev, Valera Gazzaev, Golovnya – they were well received. The team was on the loose: in 23 rounds there were only four victories, the forces were spent on winning the Cup, and in the championship – the last place, they could not get out of the tailspin. Pudyshev’s first match – with “Pakhtakor”, which was the penultimate one – was played for four points. And what do you think, Yuri scored in the first minute. We won 5: 0, and Gazzayev did not convert the penalty. It’s a sin not to celebrate – and in the next round they got 0: 4 from Torpedo. Sevidov threw away humane methods, as he began to drive the sidorov goats, but nothing, they survived.

And when in the penultimate round, the Minsk exile scored Ararat seven minutes before the end and thus saved his registration in the league, Sevidov hugged after games: “I helped you out, and you – me …”

In 1985 we played well in the Cup Winners’ Cup, reached the semifinals. And then Eduard Vasilyevich dismissed San Sanych and, as usual, began to introduce newcomers to the composition. Elite youth: Kobelev, Dobrovolsky, Kolyvanov – and there is nothing to object. In the eighty-sixth Moscow “Dynamo” with them will almost become the champion of the country. Pudyshev was still playing in the eighty-fifth, and in the prize year he was already a substitute: they made it clear that it was time. And then the occasion came in time: we flew to Alma-Ata in the midst of Gorbachev’s dry law, and there friends, Vitya Karachun, the place at the base does not shine – he played for a double and “piled up” so that Malofeev did not take on the plane for the return flight. The guest was taken to the Kairat base, woke up in the morning – I did not understand where he was, there were people with narrow eyes all around …

In Moscow, as usual, there was a meeting, in the best suit he heard the news of the expulsion, “thank you for your attention! “, and let’s go.

Юрий Пудышев

Then there was a run on the spot. In the words of Pudyshev, they were sent on stage. There were a lot of Dynamo teams in the Union, they were invited to Stavropol, which was vegetating in the tail of the first league. And Pudyshev, after playing abstinence, is like a beast on the field, with his appearance the team stirred. Slightly strengthened the composition, Kombat took – the midfielder from Voronezh Murashkintsev, behind Novikov from Moscow “Dynamo” cleaned up – made a noise in the league. In the eighty-eighth they had to go to the “tower”, the whole circle did not fall out of the top three, ahead of the “Pamir” by two points, CSKA – by five. In a pause before the second round at the training camp in Bulgaria, they learned that the top league did not come from any side: other requirements and expenses. Kombat songs and crackled “Pliska”. Immediately after our return, we settled.

Six months followed in Barnaul and a year in Dynamo Samarkand. New life experience. We flew to the game in Kurgan-Tyube in a “maize” standing, but from above I saw the Syr Darya … I’m tired of the heat – if you please be cold. Unforgettable four years in Yakutsk. I had no idea where I signed up. He boarded the IL-86 in the morning and, after eight hours of flight, descended the ladder on the Yakut night. Bologna curled up into scales on his jacket, lit a cigarette – the smoke froze: minus fifty! My mother, it’s here to play!

The meeting encouraged me, don’t pay attention, threw something over my shoulders, took me to a restaurant. They asked: “What do you want so that you don’t run away?” He blurted out what came to mind: “A Balzac woman with an apartment and a bath of champagne.” – “All?” – “Everything.”

I played, trained, saw the northern lights and how Lena rises – do not think what, a river, well, although not a river either. The field is cinder, where does the grass come from, but the climate is dry, healthy, the air cannot be breathed. I went out at night at minus 55, took off my hat – and it was fine. Russians, Yakuts – they couldn’t do without a fight in the restaurant, but they didn’t touch the players.

After Yakutsk I turned to Nizhnevartovsk for a year, Kurnenin was the head coach, the last tour was already. Forty knocked and finished. From such voyages, everyone returned with cars, went to the target destination, and Pudyshev did not set conditions. Barely arrived from another journey, they called home: “Yura, we need help.” It must be so. The officer’s salary went to the family; by that time, their mother was taken to Minsk. And how much is needed in the team: they will be taken, brought, fed … All were non-monetary cities – with three rubles arrived, with three and left, but with impressions and good memory.

Upon his return, he worked with Shchekin in Minsk “Dynamo” Khvastovich, and there was BATE. They took him, of course, for his name, but now they are holding him for something else: he is whimsical and kind. There are enough coaches in Borisov, it is much more important that where Pudyshev is, there is a wonderful atmosphere, and all his jokes, jokes, such as he himself, are not offensive, not angry.

“In his interviews he just plays a fool, – this is about him Georgy Kondratyev. – Pudik by nature has not changed. He was a fighter on the field, the captain, he could cry in the game, tears welling up. And after the match he will do: don’t be offended. .. “

He himself did not bear grudges: during his second coming to Moscow, on leave, he found his Minsk replacement, Kisten, to shake hands: Sashok, you are great, you fit into the game …

“He is very decent, – this is Kapsky about him. – Smart. Feels people.”

But Pudyshev is about himself himself: “So life has passed, already a grandfather: a granddaughter and a grandson. But still a young grandfather, because I want to play. That time to make up for where I missed a few years. I wanted to cover everything at once – both the fun and the result, but I need I missed a lot of time, I could have done much better.

In the fall of 2010, when Pudy Sheva was fifty-six, he set his only record, entering the field in the last minutes of the championship calendar match. And now, in his seventh decade, he is thinking of updating, entering the field again: “Not for yourself – so that our eighty-second will be remembered. Give me a little like this: we must, they say, let the kid out …”

And then: “Cheer up write, think of something for my “balzacs” (women of balzac age. – V.S.) to be glad … Give a good picture, let them look at the champion’s body … “

Several years ago in the questionnaire (I knew that I would print!) to the question “The most valued quality in people” wrote “Continuation of the banquet”, “The most appreciated quality in a girl” – “Chest”, and in the column “Combat dimensions (height , weight) “-” 176, 80, 35 cm standing “.

And here: your favorite movie -” Spring on Zarechnaya Street “, the book – the whole series of ZhZL.

Go understand where behind all the banter he is real, our Peter Pan is an ageless boy living in his Neverland with other forever young children. And children are special people who live in their own world and do not understand adult boring life very well.

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