Who claims that Artem Milevsky was blown away, never turned to statistics

Wyscout’s data indicate that the 35-year-old “Lichka diamond” is still top, at least for the Belarusian championship.

The 8th round of the Major League is in full swing, and Artem Milevsky, along with a number of other players by the evening they will still correct their game statistics, but the overall picture is unlikely to change dramatically. Let’s start.

EuroBet : Dynamo Brest will beat Dynamo Minsk at home – 1.97, the match will end in a draw – 3.70, Dynamo Moscow will prevail over Brest – 3.75.

Dynamo Brest will score more than 2 goals – 3.25, Dynamo Minsk will score more than 1.5 goals – 3.25.

XG and XA

There is a joke that football tactical freaks sneeze like this: “Ex J! Ex J!” XG (expected goals) is a scoring system based on historical data showing the probability of each shot to end with a goal, depending on the position and zone from which the shot is delivered, the actions before the shot, the part of the body that is shot, type of attack … The analysis of expected goals allows us to evaluate the creation of chances in the first place, rather than the largely random implementation. XA (expected assists) – expected assists. The xA value for a pass is equal to the xG value of the shot immediately after that pass. In the overall rating of expected goals and assists from Wyscout (xG + xA), Artem Milevsky is slightly behind only the sensation of the tournament of 22-year-old “student” Jasurbek Yakhshiboev – 5.39 versus 5.63. The playmaker of Brest “Dynamo” – 21-year-old Minsk Dynamo Ivan Bakhar (5.06), 30-year-old Artem Serdyuk from “Slutsk” (4.79) and 30-year-old Dmitry Komarovsky from “Isloch” (4.53).

If we take the expected assists separately, the veteran Milevsky will become the leader of the rating. By xA, the Brest resident is ahead of even the best Belarusian footballer of recent years and the recognized master assistant from BATE Borisov – 3.32 versus 2.56.

The xA indicator, which helps to determine how effective a player is in bringing partners to a striking position, is more reliable than xG. A good pass is a good pass, even if a teammate throws the ball into the heavens after hitting it. The fact that Milevsky didn’t have a single real assist in seven rounds is more likely to be blamed on his teammates.


Key pass statistically refers to a dangerous pass that creates a clear goal-scoring chance, which nevertheless does not end with a goal … The player making the key pass is the main initiator of the goal situation. In terms of the number of key assists, Artem Milevsky leads the BW with a margin of 12. Dmitry Komarovsky has eight of them, Godfrey Cue Stephen from Isloch, Igor Stasevich and Vladislav Klimovich from Dynamo Moscow made seven each.

On average, Milevskiy gives two key assists per match, which is also the best indicator of the league.

Here are just some of the “sweets” that the partners have ruined:

Deep transmission (excluding awnings) – it is a pass to the 20-meter zone from the opponent’s goal. Artem Milevsky has 23 of them – this is also the best indicator of the “tower”. Followed by Vladislav Klimovich and Dynamo Brest player Sergei Kislyak from 16, Sergei Balanovich from Shakhtar, Dmitry Komarovsky, David Tve from Energetik-BSU and Gabriel Ramos from Zhodino Torpedo from 15.

On average, in 90 minutes Milevsky also makes the most deep passes – 3.88. Gheorghe Andronic from Rukh has 3.03, Sergei Balanovic has 2.91, the Pitmen’s Darko Bodul and Igor Ivanovic have 2.89 each.

Smart Transfer – pass to a partner in a more comfortable position to develop an attack. Clever pass develops the offensive, often cuts (“cuts off”) the number of opposing players taking part in the selection. Since the beginning of the championship, Milevsky has accumulated 12 smart gears, in this aspect the Belarusian Ukrainian is surpassed only by Francis Nar from “Slavia” (13), Dmitry Komarovsky (14), David Twe (15) and Igor Stasevich (16).

On average, in 90 minutes a Brest resident makes two smart programs, Tve – about the same, Stasevich – 2.62, and Andronic is in the lead – 3.03. But if you look at the accuracy of smart passes, Milevsky will lead the top of the major league: he and Vladislav Klimovich have 50%, while Igor Stasevich has only 31.25% of the accuracy of smart passes, and Gheorghe Andronic has 30%.

In addition, Milevsky makes the most passes under attack in the championship – 3.54 on average in 90 minutes of the game. Anton Shramchenko from “Minsk”, coming second in this rating, – 2.63, Darko Bodul – 2.62.

But cut-through passes between two or more defenders, who are trying to bring the attacking player one on one with the goalkeeper) the playmaker of “Dynamo” is smaller – 10, the best in this respect is David Twe (24), who is ahead of the same Igor Stasevich (13) with a margin.


Another indicator in which Milevsky gives odds to the younger and sharper. On average, in 90 minutes of a Major League match, he makes 7.08 touches of the ball in the opponent’s penalty area – more than forwards Vitaliy Lisakovich (6.85, Shakhtar), Abdoulaye Diallo (6.67, Ruh), Maxim Skavysh (5.98, BATE) and Ion Nicolaescu (5.73, Vitebsk).

Milevsky is also the undisputed leader in the total number of touches. With 42 touches, the footballer is ahead of Ivan Bakhar (36), Borisov’s Pavel Nekhaichik (30, BATE), Jasurbek Yakhshiboev (30) and “citizen” Vladimir Khvaschinsky (30).


Sometimes it seems that the leader of Brest can flare up out of the blue. In part, Milevsky is justified by the fact that he is fouled very often. Since the beginning of the 2020 championship, Artyom has violated the rules 20 times, more fouls have been made only on Gabriel Ramos from Torpedo and Stanislav Draguna from BATE (21 times each), Andrei Sorokin from Gorodeya (25) and Georgy Kantaria from Neman ( 26).

If we take the average number of opponent’s fouls in 90 minutes, Milevsky will drop from fifth to sixth position – 3.37 fouls. On average, only Diego Santos from Vitebsk, Andrei Chukhlea from Slavia (4.11), Georgy Kantaria (4.21), Vladislav Malkevich from Slavia and Stas Draguna (4.3) are fouled more often per game in the top league.

And in this company Milevsky is the oldest. Malkevich, for example, is 20 years old, Santos – 21 years old, Kantaria – 23, Sorokin – 24.

EuroBet : Minsk “Dynamo” fouls on the players of Brest “Dynamo” more than 16.5 times – 1.87.


You can hear the opinion that Artem Milevsky gives all the best at the beginning of the match, and starts to hand over towards the end and philonite. Let’s compare the effectiveness of the midfielder at different segments of the meeting.

If we take seven matches at the start of the 2020 championship, in general, the share of all successful actions of Milevsky in the first halves was 58.8%, while the accuracy of passes was 73.3%, successful strokes – 63.6%, won single combats – 47%, tackles and rebounds in the opponent’s half – 76.9%.

In the second half, the average indicators are as follows: the share of all successful actions – 56.9%, while passing accuracy – 82.1% , successful strokes – 62.5%, won single combats – 37.6%, tackles and rebounds in the opponent’s half – 66.7%.

Let’s take separately the average data of the last thirty minutes (61-90 minutes): the share of all successful actions – 61.5%, while passing accuracy – 78.3%, successful dribbles – 66.7%, won single combats – 42.9%, tackles and rebounds in the opponent’s half – 92.9%.

As you can see, there is no significant decrease in “utility”.

EuroBet : Artem Milevsky will score against Dynamo Minsk – 4.00.

Last season, Marcel Lichka spoke about the leader of the “white-blue” in this way: “As for Artyom, such a player will strengthen any team in our championship. We can say that he looks like a diamond. He does not need to run like Bykov or Noyoku, he always knows how to find space, give the last pass or score “. And in 2020, at 35, Milevsky holds the bar. Of course, he is not as mobile and playful as in his best years, but Artem copes with the main task – creation and creation of sharpness.

How the veteran’s statistical successes characterize the general level of our league is a separate question. It does not concern Milevsky.

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