Yakhshiboev is not alone. Five engines “Energetika”

Alexey Nosko

Captain and bright head of the team. I was enrolled in “students” in the winter of 2017, taking a fancy to Vladimir Belyavsky and Anatoly Yurevich, who are beginning their creative path in “Energetics”. He moved to the capital from Grodno, where he was born, learned football and played ten matches in the major league for “Neman”. In D2 he gained regular practice, got a chance from Lyudas Rumbutis to prove himself in the youth national team of Belarus and, already in the status of the leader of the BSU pack, brought his club to the elite division. The return to high society turned out to be enough to help out the contract in Brest in the summer.

To the south-west of Belarus, however, did not go – together with striker Sadovsky continued to save “Energetik” from relegation from the elite on a loan, while midfielder Vasiliev moved to the city above the Bug and became a champion there … Nosko fulfilled his cherished mission, but in the winter he did not leave “students”, unlike Sadovsky, who responded to the summons to Brest. In the team of Belyavsky and Yurevich, the 23-year-old midfielder is a key player in the main team. At the start of the season, he played all three victorious matches, in the last of which – against Minsk – opened the scoring in 2020.

Алексей Носко

David Twe

Assistant Nosko in the center of the field and the most valuable “student” according to the Transfermarkt quotes (transfer price – 350 thousand dollars). Liberian, is included in the extended roster of the national team of the country, where the legendary George Weah is president. He moved to Belarus a year ago from Monrovia, where he played for the Barrack Young Controllers club and became the champion of the Liberian Premier League. Moved, by the way, in a very curious way. In sneakers, shorts and only one purse – and this is a minus 15! It is not surprising that the capital’s airport simply did not want to let him into the country.

I rested on the next barrier already during training, where I came with dreadlocks in the style of Jacob Lekheto – Anatoly Yurevich immediately redirected to the hairdresser. Soon, for the first time in his life, he trampled snow in his boots, two sizes larger than necessary – at first he didn’t have his own … In fact, David turned out to be a smart and flexible guy, which, of course, helped him achieve success in Energetika. The debut year on the new land went right – 5 goals and 9 assists in 28 matches. In the 2020 season, the 21-year-old midfielder practices regularly, but in the opening match with BATE he realized two assists.

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Дэвид Тве

Jeremy Mavatu

The best flanker from France in the BW since the times of Aurelien Montarup and one of the most technical players in Energetika. He plays at number ten on the left edge in the 3-1-4-2 scheme, his peer Dmitry Girs is responsible for the right side (both were born in the summer of 1997). He began his professional career in the second team of Auxerre, then played in the lower divisions of France for Creteil (by the way, a significant club in Montarup’s career) and Bobigny. He appeared in “Energetika” together with David Twe and also immediately proved himself to be a fine fellow.

In his first overseas season, he played 29 games in the Major League, during which he twice assisted partners. With an average pressball rating of 5.10, he became the sixth best player in the team in the 2019 championship (Shkurin in first place – 5.44). The young and smart flank player always attracts transfer interest from the richer clubs, and Mavatu must have had the opportunity to change employers this winter. I decided to stay at Energetika, where in the new season he is always practicing at the base.

Жереми Мавату

Hayk Musakhanyan

A Frenchman with Belarusian-Armenian roots and one of the main team generalists. He can play in any position in attack and midfield, this season he is used by Energetika coaching staff in the support zone. He started playing football at Colmar, then moved with his family to Wittenheim and moved to the structure of a local club, the main team of which was registered in the French D7, and soon one went to Belfort. When I turned 18, I couldn’t sign my first professional contract. I decided that there was nothing to do in France – and with the blessing of my father, in the winter of 2017, I went to Belarus.

I recalled that at first Yurevich’s training seemed hellish, but this is remembered by every second person who had the pleasure to train under the patronage of Anatoly Ivanovich. A curious detail – after one of the classes to eliminate physical weakness, Hayk became so “acidified” that he could not correctly answer the question about the day of the week for the mentor. Later Musakhanyan, like Nosko, with “Energetik” made his way from minor to the elite. Last year he earned 3 + 2 in 24 matches, played three matches in the 2020 championship, in the last of which – against Minsk – he received a red card from Sergei Stetsurin for a joint in the center of the field.

Айк Мусаханян

Jasurbek Yakhshiboev

A flower guy from Uzbekistan and the protagonist of the championship that has just started. According to the results of three matches, he has the best “InStat” -index among all major league players (326), tops the Pressball rating (6.17) and the list of top scorers of the tournament (3 goals). Each new match becomes effective: a double against BATE, an assist against Rukh, a goal against Minsk … And most importantly, the team is in the lead in the standings, having the best difference between goals scored and conceded. At Energetik, 22-year-old Jasur spends his first season – the Minsk club borrowed a young talent from the Tashkent “Pakhtakor” for a year.

Gained fame at home in 2015, when he entered the circle of contenders for the title of the best young player in Asia. Three years later, with the youth team of Uzbekistan, he became the champion of Asia (U-23) and made his debut for the national team at the friendly Cup of China. In “Pakhtakor” I have not yet managed to become the main one – because of the high competition in the composition of the promising midfielder, they are sent to mature on leases. In the second half of 2019, Yakhshiboev played with our Vladislav Kosmynin at AGMK, in the winter he changed the country and joined Energetik.

Джасурбек Яхшибоев

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